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Wooden Chalet - 98m2 - 3 bedrooms

House: 7.50 x 12.35 meters Land: 12.00 x 40.00 meters Construction area: 97.77m2

1 bedroom with suite on the 1st floor

2 bedrooms on the ground floor

Social bathroom

Living room

Dining room

Open kitchen


Wood and exposed brick house. The roofing game is the main attraction of this house. The integrated living and kitchen is a great option for those who like to receive visitors. On the ground floor, there are 2 bedrooms. The upper floor has only the couple's suite, with a deck balcony.

It is a mixed house, most of which is made of wood, with the kitchen and bathrooms being brickwork. On the main façade we have exposed brick walls on the right side - where the kitchen is located. On the left side, where the balcony is located, we have half a brick wall and a wooden wall above it. The front porch, where the main access to the house is located, the roof forms 2 gables, showing the entire structure of the roof and this is the main element of the facade. The entrance door is on a diagonal wall, clearly marking the access to the house. Another element that draws attention is the balcony on the 1st floor on the lateral facade. The deck-type wooden floor is hollow, with gaps between the boards and therefore there is no installation of a drain.

How is the Architectural Project:

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