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Aiapan House

Aiapan House

House: 7.00 x 10.70 meters

Land: 7.00 x 25.00 meters

Construction area: 74.90m2


1 bedroom suite

1 double bedroom

Social bathroom
Living room

Dining room
American kitchen



The facade is minimalist, but with a touch of refinement brought by the portico that marks the access to the house.

The facade of the house has a veranda along its entire width, an almost invisible veranda, as its roof is made of laminated glass. 

With this glass effect, one has the impression that the portico is detached from the house.

The roof of the house is hidden behind the platbands, these are the continuity of the walls of the facade, which was divided into 2 parts: a light and a dark one, creating the feeling that the house is bigger than it really is.

This roof is very simple: fiber cement tiles, with only 1 water (or trim) for the back of the lot. This simplicity brings a benefit that was requested by the client: low cost on the job.


The house has 2 bedrooms, one of which is a suite.

Note that the bathrooms do not have windows, ventilation will be mechanical. So we cut the cost of building a light well just for the bathrooms.


The integrated living room and kitchen space gives the future resident freedom to furnish to their liking!

  • What you get:

    Project file in PDF format, containing:

    *Floor plan with measurements

    *Furnished floor plan

    *Main facade, back facade and side facades

    *3 Cuts


    * Views in  3D

    *Descriptive memorial

    If in doubt, contact arch. Graziela via whatsapp:

    The project is available immediately after purchase. Therefore, the information "Owner" appears with my name. If you need your name to appear on the project as the owner, please contact us at

    The project RRT will be provided (with the fee paid to CAU) and has an addition of BRL 250.00

  • clears doubts

    You are entitled to 2 hours of advice with the architect, to answer questions, which can be via whatsapp or video meeting.

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