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Guimarães House

Guimarães House

Land 7.00 x 20.00m

House 7.00 x 10.15m

Construction area: 71.05m2


2 bedrooms,

Front and back porch

Integrated living, dining and kitchen


Balcony with barbecue

  • what you get

    Project file in PDF format, containing:

    *Floor plan with measurements

    *Furnished floor plan

    *Main facade, back facade and side facades

    *3 Cuts


    * Views in  3D

    *Descriptive memorial

    If in doubt, contact arch. Graziela via whatsapp:

    The project is available immediately after purchase. Therefore, the information "Owner" appears with my name. If you need your name to appear on the project as the owner, please contact us at

    The project RRT will be provided (with the fee paid to CAU) and has an addition of BRL 250.00

  • Tira dúvidas

    Você tem direito a 2h de assessoria com a arquiteta, para tirar dúvidas, que pode ser pelo whatsapp ou reunião por vídeo.

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