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Aiapan House

Total built area:


Width of the house: 7m

Total length: 10.70m

2 bedrooms

2 bathrooms


American kitchen


Hot water

upper reservoir

A project for a house with 2 bedrooms, whose work will be very simple. This is Casa Aiapana.

The facade is minimalist, but with a touch of refinement brought by the portico that marks the access to the house.

It has a veranda across its entire width, which is almost invisible, as its cover is made of laminated glass. With this glass effect, one has the impression that the portico is detached from the house.

The roof of the house is hidden behind platbands that are the continuity of the walls of the facade and that was divided into 2 parts: one light and the other dark, creating the impression that the house is bigger than it really is.

The roof of the house is very simple: 5mm fiber-cement tiles with only one water drop to the bottom of the lot. This simplicity brings a benefit that was requested by the client: low cost on the job.

The house has 2 bedrooms, one of which is a suite.

Bathrooms do not have windows, ventilation will be mechanical. So we took away the cost of installing windows and building a light well just to ventilate the bathrooms.

The integrated space of the living room and kitchen gives freedom to the future resident to furnish to his liking.

The back of the house is a patio with toys for children, a pergola with a hammock and a garden.

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