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Condominium Xaxim
Land 7.50 x 28.00m
Total area: 95.62m2
5 units.

On the plot of only 7.50m wide, I designed a housing development of 5 units. They are loft-type apartments, for rent, in which the work needs to be simple and economical, designed in a way that does not require specialized labor, but which is beautiful, pleasant to tenants and requires little maintenance in the future. For this, I made some decisions in this project: the rectangular (almost square) floor plans cover the necessary area with the minimum of walls. The walls are covered with ceramics and the frames are made of anodized aluminum.

Wall cladding with ceramics generates a higher cost in the work, but it pays off in the economy with painting and maintenance.

Despite the terrain being narrow, I moved the walls away from all the boundaries, which allowed for windows on 2 sides of the house, creating natural ventilation across the entire interior.

The lack of privacy on the one hand, where neighbors circulate, is compensated by the private patio.

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