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Berutti House

Terrain: 4 x 32m

House: 4 x 28m


Total built area:


1 suite with closet and bathtub

Living room with large terrace

gourmet kitchen

Dining room


2 car garage

Built on a plot just 4m wide and with a height difference of more than 2m, the ground floor walls were made of waterproofed concrete, to free up as much space as possible.

In addition to a narrow terrain, it was necessary to deal with the presence of a majestic flamboyant, whose roots spread through the garden retreat, preventing the paving of pedestrian access. The solution was to make a deck of itaúba wood, which "floats" on the ground, protecting the roots and ensuring the stability of the tree.

Due to the narrow access and the need for 3 parking spaces, the ground floor is mostly occupied by the garage and pedestrian access. Next, the entrance hall of the house, with the stairs. At the bottom, a single space integrates the kitchen with barbecue, dining room and laundry room.

The upper floor has a suite with a balcony and a lounge with a large terrace in front.

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