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Casa Triunfo

Total built area:


Width of the house: 12m

1 suite on pav. ground floor

1 suite on the first floor.

be with fireplace

Dining room with double height

Mezzanine / home office


2 car garage

Luciana had a lot with a great width, but not too long: 12m x 20m. What she and her husband wanted was a cozy and spacious house, with a bedroom with a suite located on the ground floor. They don't have children, but they have an elderly mother, who has some difficulty climbing stairs. Hence the need for a bedroom (suite) on the ground floor.


In addition to the 2 en-suite bedrooms, they also needed an office in the house. I launched the idea of making a mezzanine and using it as an office and she loved it!


The facade was the part of the house that was the most consensus: both she, her husband, and her mother wanted a roof made of clay tiles, with a front porch. From that, I created fitted shapes, using wall coverings that vary between light-colored grafiatto and exposed bricks.


The bay window on the facade adds extra grace, doesn't it? There is the dining room sized for a table that seats 6 and with a double height ceiling.


The main entrance to the house is through the porch that Dona Eugênia asked for, in front of the house, but we also have a service entrance, on the left side of the house, which enters through the laundry room. My suggestion was that this door could also be used to take washed clothes to hang on the outside clothesline.


The garage holds 2 cars, which is the need of the family. But it is possible to park up to 4 cars, as the garage allows access to the back of the courtyard. The ease of cleaning the windows was a point raised by Eugênia, which is an important factor for those who do not intend to have a permanent employee to clean and maintain the property. With that in mind, we defined together that the higher spans, in the double height ceiling, would be closed with glass blocks, instead of plain glass, thus maintaining the good lighting of the house with the use of sunlight.


What about Nehemiah? Didn't whistle anything? Of course yes! If the barbecue was missing, the fight would be triggered!


What if this house was for you? What would you ask me to do differently?

Casa Triunfo

Fachada Principal

Casa Triunfo

Fachada Lateral

Casa Triunfo

Fachada de Fundos

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