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Cypress Condominium
Land 5 x 40.00m
Total: 6 Kitchenettes
Area (on average): 37.00m2 each

This is a project for a plot of land 5m wide and 40m deep.

Idea here is to build as many lofts as possible on the land, as this construction is for renting the units.
One of the City Hall's requirements is to have a parking space for each loft, which was a major constraint and ended up becoming a determining factor in defining the project. As the terrain is narrow, I arranged the parking spaces aligned, one after the other, leaving the lateral area of the parking space for circulation and maneuvering. The result: the land allowed 6 parking spaces on the ground floor, therefore, there are 6 lofts.


Access to the apartments is via the stairs and circulation along the left boundary. Another problem arose in this puzzle: there is not enough space to have the 6 kitchenettes on a single floor, it was necessary to have 3 kitchenettes on each floor, but the circulation is not wide enough to have a condominium staircase (which needs to be 1.20 m + a 1.20 m side corridor).

The solution was to create individual stairs for each apartment, which could be narrower.

The stairs of apartment 5 were treated with a different volume from the others, both in texture, shape and color, breaking the hegemony of the set.

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