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Alisso Condominium
Land 12 x 28.00m
Total: 14 Kitchenettes
Area (on average): 20.00 m2 each

Who said that cheap and simple work is synonymous with ugly?

In this project, with the guideline of a work with the rationalization of material and human resources, I worked on the composition of volumes in order to seek a good aesthetic result: the horizontal lines of the circulations, marked by the coating that imitates wood, gave a horizontality to the building that creates a more human and comfortable scale for those who walk there.

The composition of the doors and windows of the apartments was thought out so that it would not be monotonous: door-window-door-window!

At the same time, the light and hollow set, cut by the horizontal lines, is confronted with the closed, heavy volume, which only shows 2 mismatched windows.

With this game of weight and lightness, the set makes the most of the sun, ventilation and as much construction as the city hall allows.

After all, those who invest in land prefer to get the most out of it!

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