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Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from UNISINOS, Post Graduated in Business Management in Civil Construction from Fundação Getulio Vargas - FGV.

Architect Graziela Alessio began her career in 1996, working in the areas of topography, design of precast concrete structures and execution of works.


In 2005, he opened his architecture office, working in several areas of architecture, such as projects for houses and residential condominiums, commercial projects, wooden structures and interior projects.

In 2008, she became a partner at Construtora Vidanova.


Acting in projects and execution of works and horizontal condominiums, it also has as clients Constructors and Real Estate Developers, providing inspection services and quality control of works in buildings of high constructive standard.


From this experience, buying land to build houses and sell them, he created the GUIDE - WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE BUYING LAND, with all the documents and characteristics of the land that must be checked to make a great deal. You can download this guide in pdf, free of charge, by clickinghere.

During his training, in addition to working with renowned architects, he carried out different activities that provided knowledge in civil construction: prefabricated concrete structures and topographic surveys for road projects.

In the portfolio, projects published inHomify International Magazine, the participation inElite Design Show 2017, in which the project received the Best Contemplation Space Award and was the cover and article in the Decoration section of the NH and Canoas newspapers. In 2018, a new participation in the Elite Design Show, with the Tenda Romani project.

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